Stine Kjærgaard 


My passion is to help people, who are new in Denmark, to integrate into the Danish society and to ultimately feel at home. I do this by making a comfortable and safe space to learn Danish and about Danish culture and norms and to ask all the questions that you need to get to know the Danes and the culture. 

I started my own school up as I did not feel that the setting in the public language school was optimal for teaching. The classes were too big, I did not have time to give feedback and hear all students talk during a class. Teachers were moved around from one class to another. The focus was mainly on getting the students to pass a test as soon as possible for the school to get money - and not for the students to learn Danish as well as possible. I got tired of it and started my own school. I now offer group classes of max 6 students, semi-private and private classes - and now have time to teach properly. 

I have a masters degree in history and cultural encounters from RUC in which I have focused on integration, culture clashes and the use of language. Thereto, I am now taking a masters degree in teaching Danish as a second language at Copenhagen University. 




Stine started Kartoffeldansk in the summer of 2017 based on a wish to offer her students the best conditions for their Danish learning. Kartoffeldansk has both private and corporate clients (e.g. a big Danish pharmaceuticall company), and offers private, semi-private and group classes in it's own office on Falkoner Alle 19, 1th, 2000 Frederiksberg. 


CLAVIS sprog & kompetence, 2017-2018


Stine worked as a project coordinator and Danish teacher. She worked independently on an integration project for young refugees, while also teaching Danish.


Københavns Sprogcenter, 2015-17


While employed at Københavns Sprogcenter Stine gained experience with teaching Danish as a second language on various levels. She both taught beginner Danish, Danish for dyslecsics and Danish for academics and intensive prep for PD2 and PD3.

Volunteer work with immigrants, 2010-2018


Stine has done volunteer work with immigrants and refugees for the Danish Refugee Council and DFUNK (Danish Refugee Council Youth). She has been involved with social and political integration projects, and has gained experience with facilitation, planning and development of both small and big events.

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With Kartoffeldansk's classes you get a personal, fun and motivating experience. You get classes that are customized for you and time with a teacher that gives you feedback and room to learn the Danish language. Join and start speaking Danish from day 1. 




+45 22 92 97 53 (schedule a meeting via e-mail before calling)

Falkoner Alle 19, 1th

2000 Frederiksberg

CVR nr: 38775405

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