Stine Kjærgaard 


My passion is to help newcomers in Denmark integrate into the Danish society and to ultimately feel at home which I believe happens very much through learning the language and about the culture.

I have taught Danish to expats since 2015 and previously, I worked as a Danish teacher for Københavns Sprogcenter and CLAVIS, and I started Kartoffeldansk up in 2017 as I did not feel that the settings in the public language schools were optimal for teaching. 

I have a masters degree in history and cultural encounters from RUC in which I have focused on integration, culture clashes and the use of language. Thereto, I also have a masters degree in teaching Danish as a second language at Copenhagen University.

Katrine Ellegaard


I have both a professional and personal passion for the process of learning a new language and its many relations with both culture and identity. Therefore, I love to teach Danish as a second language and support newcomers in feeling integrated into the Danish culture and society.

From my own life in a bilingual family, with my husband and kids, I know the importance of language in feeling a part of the place you live in. Besides my personal engagement in language, I have a master’s degree in Spanish language and culture and Danish as a second language from the University of Copenhagen.

I am happy to teach Danish at Kartoffeldansk, where the small groups make it possible to focus on each student; their level, wishes and situation.