Stine has broad experience working with foreigners from many different countries and backgrounds. Always makes the lessons exciting and engaging with additional elements according to the class. Has a good understanding of individuals' interests and pace and can easily adjust herself accordingly. Thank you Stine for being patient and never giving up on your students. :)


Sule Ersoy, group classes

Stine has overcome all my expectations for Danish lessons. Her classes are teaching relevant topics in a nice and fun way, enabling us to quickly learn the esssentials of the danish language and culture.

Ilena Konstanze Böhm, group classes

Dear Stine, Thank you very much for your dedication and enthusiasm! You are my best Danish teacher so far :)

Skaidre Radomskiene, group classes

Stine is an amazing teacher - I love for example that she always uses new topics from everyday life for teaching - topics could range from danish elections over specific holidays to popular TV programs.

Meret Bracher, group classes


Stine is wonderful and always goes beyond to support all her students. She always offers to support us with homework and extra exercises. I greatly appreciate she also kindly helped me create a study schedule and provided materials to help me prepare for the PD2 exam.


Ann Marie, private classes

I highly recommend Danish lessons in Kartoffeldansk. I learned a lot from Stine and Katrine and can now speak basic Danish! It is entertaining and you learn a lot about nuances and culture. I just wish pronunciation was easier in Danish!

Onur Sezgin, group classes

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