As if you meet up with friends

"I can highly recommend Kartoffeldansk for danish classes aswell. I started my lessons (I have group lessons) in November 2022 and I already know a few basics which I can easily use in my day to day life. The atmosphere in the classes is very nice. Since It's only a small group of max. 6 people, you actually learn things and you also have to talk and participate at some point - which obvisouly helps you to learn and understand danish with every lessons a little bit more, and I think, even faster than you'd do at a regular school. Plus Andreas (my teacher) is a very nice teacher and he is always very helpful if we have any questions. Also besides all the learning the classes feel very huggelig as if you would meet up with friends, have a nice time and even learn something whilst. Which I think is a really good thing and helps you even more to learn and understand the language even better than you normally would."

— Katharina Fercher, private

Group lessons

Tailored to my needs

"I can highly recommend taking danish lessons at Kartoffeldansk. I have had danish lessons before but had a break and wanted to get back into it. I especially wanted to improve my conversation skills and general level, so I signed up for a semi private class. The speed and level to learn danish here is so flexible and really tailored to my needs. Katrine is an amazing teacher, she comes very well prepared and while I always feel like I learn a lot, it never feels stressful or exhausting. It’s a lot of fun, since we talk about everyday topics but also have grammar exercises - a really good mix! In the private setting you can ask any question that comes to mind!I just booked another 10 hour package and highly recommend it :)"

Anna Lena Langkawel, private

Semi-private lessons

Highly recommended

"Three extremely dedicated ladies run this small business. Their flexibility helped plan a personalized course, both online and on-site. I have benefited greatly from their exam experience, especially when it came to preparing for the oral part. Highly recommended!"

Tugba Karagoz, Mærsk

Private lessons - intensive PD2 prep

In-depth learning

"Currently studying there for my PD3 exam. Stine makes classes very engaging and fun, the homework is not excessive, and she is very keen on personalising the teaching. Classes are small, which allows for in-depth learning. Good management of online teaching during corona restrictions. Absolutely recommended."

Alessandro Virtuoso, Genmab

Group lessons

Nice and patient

"I have started my journey of learning Danish at Kartoffeldansk and I can only highly recommend it. I had had Danish lessons here in a private setting with a small group and started online that continued with a face-to-face setting in their lovely new office! It was really a very nice experience for me and I am thankful to Helle, our lovely teacher who has always been so nice and patient to our tons of questions (it is not easy to start learning a new -not so easy- language:)) and very well-prepared each time. I enjoyed each one of my classes with Helle, and learnt a lot in a short time period. I think that is also great to have hybrid option at Kartoffeldansk, you can prefer to join while being home; or visit the lovely office and enjoy the class with a cup of tasty coffee.. I cannot think of another greater option to learn Dansk :)"

— Özge Çolakoğlu, Novo Nordisk

Group lessons

My Danish has improved hugely

"I have been learning Danish with Katrine for the past two months. I had previously learned a language in a group setting, but found it challenging to keep up and therefore I wanted to take one-on-one lessons to ensure I could learn at my own pace. The lessons are very enjoyable and my Danish has improved hugely. One of my weaknesses in learning a new language was that I struggled to follow what people were saying, however this time it has not been a problem - I put this down to Katrine's teaching alongside the course resources that they use. The course exercises are hugely valuable and I enjoy completing the homework because it immediately reinforces and cements what I have learned from the weeks lesson. I can easily recommend Kartoffeldansk to anyone looking to improve their Danish language."

Kathryn Linterman, private

Private lessons

Kartoffeldansk feels more like a family friend

"Best help learning Danish I’ve received in 6yrs. Adaptive to my learning style. I’ve been trying on and off to learn Danish for and embarrassing 6 years 😱. I learn differently than most and the traditional school structure has never been for me. I was so thankful to have found Helle, one of the instructors at Kartoffeldansk, who was not afraid to look me in the eye and really understand my learning style. I really valued her approach to discover that I learn by doing and failing forward in a “safe environment“ if you will. She picked up that while on the outside I’m a “businessman “, I’m actually an out of the box creative. Helle would bring music from current Danish artists into the lessons, which both helped me understand the language, but allowed me to connect in a way that made me actually care to learn. I also started off taking group lessons with Stine. I can say that Stine really cares about her business in an intimate way. Meaning she is passionate about helping people grow in their understanding of the Danish language and it shows how she teaches and runs her company. I’ve tried all the big language schools and they simply felt manufactured and cold, Kartoffeldansk feels more like a family friend who genuinely cares about your learning journey.

— Brian Shroyer, Novo Nordisk

Private lessons

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