SOCIAL EVENTS AND WORKSHOPS - on hold due to Covid-19

Kartoffeldansk will once in a while host social events and workshops with focus on building your network, practicing your Danish skills and increasing your knowledge about Denmark. Below you can see examples of the kinds of workshops we offer, but like our Facebook page and there you can keep track of the workshops we offer. The price will vary, but will be shown in the events on FB. 



Do you want to know more people in Copenhagen? And do you want to expand your network while doing fun games and icebreakers? Then this is the event for you. Come and join and get new acquintances. 


On cultural exchange nights everyone will bring a dish from their home country to share with the group, and you are also encouraged to perform or present something from your culture. Kartoffeldansk will provide some snacks and something to drink. Come and network and share your culture with the group. 


Do you want to practice your Danish while playing Danish boardgames and getting to know new people? Then this is the event for you. The focus will be on fun, social games where you get to know each other better through Danish cooperative learning games. 




Choose this workshop to learn about the Danish Easter traditions. 

Activities will be e.g. egg blowing, cutting "gække" letters, learning vocabulary about Easter in Danish and getting to know about the history behind the Danish Easter traditions.


These workshops will vary but will be about something. that is going on in Denmark right now, that you would like to get more information about. That could e.g. be political elections, something about a cultural event or happening or something that you contact us and ask us to do a workshop about. Please, reach out if there is something that you would like. 



A great workshop for you who are curious about the Danish Christmas traditions and the history behind them. Activities can be e.g. a "julequiz", cutting Christmas hearts and making Christmas stars, getting to know the story behind the Danish nisse and the tradition of Santa Lucia, playing "pakkeleg" etc. 


With Kartoffeldansk's classes you get a personal, fun and motivating experience. You get classes that are customized for you and time with a teacher that gives you feedback and room to learn the Danish language. Join and start speaking Danish from day 1. 



Please schedule a meeting via e-mail before calling or coming to the address.

+45 24 96 29 88 

Falkoner Alle 19, 1th

2000 Frederiksberg

CVR nr: 38775405

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